He Pretended For Me

I was able to see Carlos today. (If you don’t know who Carlos is, read the previous post first.)

Carlos is back home and as far as I know the investigation is “ongoing.” I am not sure what that means. I assume that if he was in immediate danger, they would have removed him. I hope that is the best thing for him. I still have that scene in my mind from Blindside where he is remembering when he was taken from his home and he was crying and holding onto his mamma. Or the scene where he is given his own room and he says, “I have never had one of my own before?” “What? Your own room?” she replies.

“No, a bed.”

Many kids live a life we just can’t relate to or understand. The things they have never had we consider everyday occurrences. Like Carlos, who goes to school one morning only to be picked up by strangers to be evaluated. I know that those dear people who picked him did everything they could to make him feel comfortable and at ease,even sent him home with a small board game, but still!

Imagine with me a minute what it would be like for him.

Teacher takes you out of class

two people you don’t know

take you in a car you have never seen

to a place you have never been

ask you questions you are not sure how to answer

then return to school acting like nothing happened

Yet, it did happen.

I wonder if he notices the whispers, the concerned looks. I wonder what he told his mom when he got home. I wonder what his night was like that night. If he told his mom, were there ramifications for him?

Yet, on the playground where I had the opportunity to fix my eyes on his, he pretended for me. He smiled and told me he used the sparkly lotion and he smelled good. I smelled him and knew better, yet, I pretended too.

Pretended he smelled good.

Pretended that just for that moment –

that life was sparkly and smelled good.


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