Books, Books, and More Books! Plus, the "meaty" vs. "mindless"

I was just updating me reading list of what I am reading, have read or have on my amazon wish list. Let me just tell you. My amazon wish list is HUGE!! I am loving the kindle for my phone and having to resist just purchasing books that are automatically downloaded right then and there to my phone. Oh, the temptation! However, there is nothing better at 1 am when you can’t sleep and you have read every “mindless” book you own and you need something to help you sleep. I know, I am crazy. I read all the “meaty” books during the day when my brain is actually working and the “mindless” books at night. It is not that the “mindless” books are not actually “meaty” but they teach you a lesson without actually having to think about it. (I mean Karen Kingsbury and Francine Rivers, enough said!)  I am one that after about 7pm my brain starts a steady decline.

Ok, while looking up the author for “Quest for More: Living the For Something Bigger Than You, I just found a gold mine of books. It looks like the guy that wrote this “Quest for More” is also the man who wrote “Age of Opportunity” which is hands down the best book about raising teenagers (other than the one TRUE book, the Bible.) Oh, I digress. Not the the bible is a digression, it is just that I am having trouble getting to the point of this paragraph. The point is, Mr. Paul David Tripp has written oh so much, I have never even heard of? Oh my, he has written one for the midlife crises called, “Lost in the Middle: Midlife and the Grace of God,” “War of Words, Getting to the Heart of your Communication Struggle,” “Broken-Down House,” and much more!

So, on the right side of my blog is my book list. I am now waiting for yours. What are you reading now? “Meaty” or “Mindless?” I am headed out for a road trip today and I will have countless hours to download items to my kindle. Ideas, please.

Oh, and just a small side note. I AM GOING TO SECRET CHURCH TONIGHT!!! Oh, yes, my birthday wish is happening! (Thanks to Brad and my church for sending us!)


One thought on “Books, Books, and More Books! Plus, the "meaty" vs. "mindless"

  1. Right now I am reading a bit of both but very slowly at both. The "meaty" is partially due to your endorsement – Crazy Love. The "mindless" is a Sally John book… second in her series (the name escapes me this second).I think I need to look into a Kindle soon – I'm running out of actual space in my house/garage for my boxes of books.Happy reading!

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