This week was the week I was going to email out invitations for a new bible study, “Interrupted by Jen Hatmaker.” I was so excited to get this started since our church bible study ended last week. However, I was interrupted with life here. I already have the emails in my draft box and something (someONE) told me to wait. I am so glad I did. You see, I am one who gets excited about something and jumps in fully clothed and ready to go. I want everyone to come with me and learn what I am learning. I always long for a big, bible study party. There is nothing better than women getting together to study God’s word together. Except maybe, just maybe, there is something better; I am learning that this week and next week (and every week after that) is more about me showing God’s love.

The bible study I wanted to start was about letting God interrupt your life. I haven’t even started it and I can see that He has already done that. This week has been about showing His love. We had the Great Giveaway at our church this week and it was AWESOME. At the Great Giveaway, we all took our extra, nice stuff from our houses and invited those less fortunate than us – to shop for free from all our stuff. It was time well spent. I am not sure who benefited more, the people or me getting to help them. It really is only something that God can do – bless me when I choose to help others. Now you know me, I am not saying that Bible study is not important. HIS WORD IS WHAT CHANGES US! HIS WORD IS WHAT SUSTAINS US. But I think many of us are right here:

“I developed a form of spiritual bulimia where I did my devotions, read all the new Christian books and saw the Christian movies, and then vomited information up to friends, small groups. and pastors. But it never had the chance to digest. I had gorged myself on all the products of the Christian industrial complex but was spiritually starving to death. I was marked by an over-consumption but malnourished spiritually, suffocated by Christianity but thirsty for God.” Taken from “Interrupted” by Jen Hatmaker

My dad calls it the “holy huddle” and I blogged about it here.

Brad’s grandparents are not doing well and I am now home during the day and I can help them. It has been a blessing for us for me to be home so I can help. My father in law has a habit of joking with me about why I stay home with the kids – well, here is your answer.  I am free to do things that others can’t. I am here to let God “interrupt” my day. (Please, please, hear my heart on this – I have been there for those of you who can’t stay home! I know what it is like, it is hard, very hard. God can “interrupt” you there too.)

I am not saying that I always do this well. I am one who gets up in the morning and has a list on a notecard (I am queen of the 3×5’s) of all the things I want to accomplish that day. I am learning, slowly, that my list might not get done, my house might not be clean but I have showed God’s love to someone who needed it. By the way, if you haven’t read Crazy Love, by Francis Chan, now is the time.

It has been rainy here for weeks and last night my heart was so heavy with all the needs around me. I have friends taking their young boy to Tennessee to see if his cancer is back, dear friends who are battling cancer, Brad’s grandparents and family dealing with aging and needing constant help, marriages that are HURTING, people who just getting through the day – THEY HURT! Secret pain is killing many,  many are hiding in their own despair.

Psalm 119: 81-82 “I faint with longing for your salvation; but I have put MY HOPE in YOUR word. My eyes are straining to see your promises come true. When will you comfort me?” (NLT)

It is overwhelming for me, but not for HIM! Let yourself get interrupted today. Ask God right now to show you how He wants to love others through you and when He shows you – DO IT. I think so often we know what we should do, we just don’t want to. Ask Him to change your “want to.”

I can promise you this, I have been asking God to change my heart to desire the things HE desires – HE is doing it. Things I loved before, they don’t mean so much. Things I HAD to have, I look and think – “why did I think I needed that?” 1 Timothy 6:6 “Now there is great gain in godliness with contentment.” It is not something I have done, He has changed my heart and I am longing for things other than what I want. He is doing the work. Ask Him, He will do it for you too.

Ok, so I know I am everywhere in this post today. One thought keeps getting “interrupted” by another. It is ADD in it’s truest form. On a last note, we can’t do everything well. We must walk closely with the Sprit to make sure we are doing what He asks. For us to be so busy and get nothing done won’t help either. Just like I tell my kids, “listen and obey.”


One thought on “Interrupted

  1. Kasey, you are the second person today who has mentioned Crazy Love to me. I need to look into this book I think.Your post was perfectly timed, especially in light of what God was teaching me today in my church Ladies' group study (Beth Moore's The Inheritance). Thank you so much for this beautiful post.I do pray for God to continue to use you & bless those around you both offline and online!Thank you Hugs

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