Louisiana Football

Drew had his first football game in Louisiana this week.  It was a rough one.  I won’t tell you had bad they lost. We got a spankin’!  The morning of the game, while I was out running, I had been praying for Drew and his game. I was really nervous since this was his first real game since his accident. I kept pouring my heart out to God about Drew and asking God to grow him into a godly young man. I so strongly believe that football is good for boys for many reasons that I actually wrote a blog about it here.
I don’t want football or school or anything he does to just be about that event but about God’s glory in making and molding him into the man God has planned. One huge thing the boys must learn is self control and football, as well as many others sports and activities, teaches this. My bible reading this morning had this verse, Proverbs 25:28 “A man without self control is like a city broken into and left without walls.” What a great picture of what the lack of self control does – it leaves us unprotected.
Now I really like to win, I mean really like to win. But I prayed a hard prayer for me to pray. “Lord, use this game to cause Drew to rely on You, to long for more of You. If losing will fill him up with things other than You, let them lose. If winning will add pride to his heart and not a thankful
dependence on You, let him lose. Your will be done. Oh and please don’t let him get hurt!” I was listening to David Platt the other day and he said that we are more worried about fake battles on Saturday (college football day) then the real battle (spiritual) all around us. I am so guilty of that and asking God to change my heart. I want to train my boys for the real battle. Football can be a tool for that but they must know why they are playing, why God gave them athletic ability and shown examples of those who have used that ability for HIS glory.
My mom reminded me that day that God is Drew’s protector and defender. With Drew being the quarterback, we need some big defenders! Thankfully, God is a big defender. He is our protector too, even when they do get hurt. God wasn’t any less our protector the day Drew was carried off the field in a stretcher than the days he walked off the field. That is a truth I must
ingrain on my heart so that football doesn’t become a stressful thing but a fun family event.
This picture shows my favorite part of Louisiana football.

One thought on “Louisiana Football

  1. I'm sure that was a very hard prayer to pray but may God bless you for your sacrificial heart and may He bless your son, making him a man God can use mightily!Love the pic too!

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