The Snake

Well, this morning was a first for me. While I was running across the street from our apartments I ran right past a dead snake. A DEAD SNAKE! The snake had obviously been run over by a car but was still outlined on the road in a large S shape. (I almost ran back here to get my camera but I was too hot and tired. ) Since there is not much to do while running and seeing a snake on the road is a first for me, I can’t seem to get that dead S shape out of my mind. God is teaching me so much on my morning runs. Maybe it is because I am stuck out there with not much else to do but listen to Him. It is a good thing for me. 

When Brad and I were trying to pick places to live when God quickly called us to move to Bossier CIty, LA. (I mean, 3 weeks is not much time to move across the country) We felt that God was telling us to just move to an apartment for a little while to see what God has for us after that. I am so glad we didn’t rush into buying a house. God is teaching us so many things about what His desires are for us and I am praying daily that God will give me a heart for what He cares about. I don’t want to get wrapped up in the things of this world and lose my vision for His plan for our family. 

I remember in my Beth Moore study of Daniel that Beth taught us that if we are not purposefully taking stands against the materialistic pull of this culture, we will fall prey to it. How true it is. While running through these beautiful neighborhoods out here, I can get sucked into the ‘I wants.” I see this house or that house and my flesh is crying out, “you need this.” I was battling it out with my flesh today – I need HIM and only HIM. Then I see the snake, dead in the road. It is like God was saying to me, “doesn’t matter where your neighborhood is, it’s got snakes.” We can live in the hood (like my new found blog friend) or live in a mansion (don’t really know anyone that lives in one of these, a mini-mansion, they are everywhere) IT HAS SNAKES. 

I think God was showing me this morning that no matter what we all look like on the outside and we can pretty that up real well and cover the snakes, we all have them! He is the answer, not things. Of anything I have learned over the years is that our time here is short and can end unexpectantly and is not worth wasting on the things of this world. What are we doing with our time? Our money? Our dreams? Are we daily seeking His face for HE has for us each day and then going out and doing what He says. I pray today that we start the habit of asking Jesus each moment what He has, learn to listen to His Spirit.
 Ask questions like, “should I buy this?”
“Should I go and talk to her?”
“Should I go out today or stay home?”
“What. Lord, do you want me to do today?”
“Should I . . . . ?” (You fill in your blank)
Begin to let God show you daily, hourly, minute by minute what He has for you today. He longs to guide you and show you where He wants you to go.(or not go) 

You are loved, snakes and all!

One thought on “The Snake

  1. Loved this post Kasey and the reminder to ask EVERYTHING in Jesus' name… even the day to day things of life… so we can live our lives to please Him and not just ourselves.Thank you for this!

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