Hi Friends!

I have a website to tell you all about – those of you who are mom’s (or dad’s) that are teaching your kids to read or have a struggling reader – THIS is for you.
We went through this program when Drew was in kindergarden and he went from not reading at all to a fourth grade reading level (by first grade). His first grade teacher couldn’t believe that he was reading so well. This gave him such a great start in school. School becomes so much easier for kids when they can read well. All subjects of school depend on the way kids can read and Drew was able to excel in school due to his high reading level. Kids love what they can do well, the best gift you can give to your kids – teach them to read well.
The most exciting part of this is that the founders of this program have now put this online and you can print off the games and watch the instructions. This is not a computer program – you print off the games and watch the instructions and daily work with the kids. It is lots of fun to do with your kids and they kids like to play the game.
I can’t tell you how highly I would recommend this program. I am about to start it with Jackson who is going into kindergarden. You will thank me one day for sending you to this website! So, go and check out the link today! Sign up and let me know how it is going!
Click HERE to give your child the reading future they deserve.

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