A Different Perspective

When we were in Cajamarca, we had to hike up a huge hill to get to a remote village. The hike up was beautiful and hard. I didn’t realize how out of shape I was. It was lots of work. Once we got up there the kids and parents were happy to see us! I was glad we braved the hike to get up to see them. However, when we were up in the village, it started raining. I mean really raining! Really, really raining. So much that we tried to call taxi’s to come and get us to take us back down the hill. It was raining so much that they wouldn’t come to rescue us. Off we went to hike down the hill in the pouring rain.

Everything was going pretty well until we reached a large drop off with a quick flowing river that we had to cross. From the top it looked very dangerous and quite scary! Needless to say, after much discussion we sent two guys down to check it out. Once the guys got down there and tried a couple of ways to get across the river, they said to come on down and it would be fine. However, many didn’t want to do that. From where we were standing and looking down, it looked too dangerous. The guys down at the bottom kept telling us to come down, that it will be okay. We hesitated and took way too much time contemplating and arguing over if it was safe or not.

I think that is the way that God feels about us. He is down at the bottom of hill (He is seeing it from His perspective) and telling us to, “Come, follow Me.” What do we do? We argue and debate and question His way down the hill.
Once we got down the hill and across the river, we realized that it wasn’t as bad as it seemed. All the debating was for nothing. The river didn’t seem so big when you were right on it. One jump on a rock and we had crossed the river.

I think we so often think what God has planned for us is going to be awful, so we stand at the top of the crossroad and debate if we are going to do it or not. When God has gone before us and knows where He wants to lead us, He is saying, “Come on, let’s go! It is time to cross.”
Can we trust Him when He calls us to go? Do we know that “His ways are not our ways.” Often all it takes is for us to take that first step, climb down the mountain and the river doesn’t seem so bad!

PS. I was just watching Beth Moore from my Esther study and she just said the most profound quote that talks exactly about what I was blogging about.
“Trust reverses the detours of adversity into the highway of destiny.” When we trust Him in our circumstances and follow Him, He will lead us into the path of our destiny. He will lead us in the way that He has planned for us! Trust Him today!


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