2am Ewing House
Jackson runs in our room screaming:

Brad: “Jackson, what is wrong?”
Jackson: “I had a bad dream!”
Brad: “Ok, get in bed with us for a bit.”
Jackson (who has settled a bit): “Dad, will you pray that I won’t have any bad dreams?”
Brad: “Yes” (as he falls back asleep)
Jackson: “Dad, pray out loud right now!”
Brad: “Ok, Jackson.” He prays aloud.

God asks us to come to Him like little children. I learned a little bit last night what that is like. Childlike faith is when we believe that if we ask right now Jesus is going to answer us. It is also knowing when we need others to help pray for us! Maturity comes when we know we need help and we ask.

Sometimes we need to pray out loud! There are some situations that we just need to get down on our knees and literally voice OUT LOUD that we need Him! We need Him NOW!


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