The Cross

I got this from my sister’s blog. We all need to hear this!

The Cross
I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving. I really did. Yesterday I went to the doctor and the baby looks good. I heard the heartbeat so as of now we are good!

There is a huge outdoor shopping area near the lake. People come from all over the country for First Monday. We went this past weekend. It was packed and a little crazy. We were in one of the stores. Well actually it is a giant flea market where the shops are either outdoors or in large buildings. My mom and I were looking in one of the really cute shops when I saw a perfect pink and black cross hanging on the wall for BG’s room. I turn to mom and told her that I wanted that cross. There were two ladies standing right there by us. They obviously heard what I said and one of the ladies walked over to the wall and grabbed the cross. She then walked right to the cash register to buy it. I just stood there with my mouth open as my daughter ran around the store. My sister saw what was happening and she asked the vendor if they had another cross and, of course, they didn’t. I was having a hard time getting BG to leave the store full of fun little girl things but my mom and my sister were standing outside of the store. The lady who bought the cross walked out of the store, started singing and swinging her arms: “I got your cross, I got your cross” over and over. Now I am even more shocked at this lady’s behavior. I honesty I am mad. I wanted to walk up and tell her a few things. As I was contemplating this my mom said “Well, they must need that cross more than us.” That stopped me. They need the cross as everyone does. I already have my cross! As the Christmas season arrives let’s remember the reason. It was the birth of our Savior. It is a joyous time. A time to share what Jesus did for us – even if it is to share with someone who steals your cross.


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