His Ways, Not Mine

I have been praying and trying to minister to a friend on our football team for months. They are having a hard time and I am trying to show God’s love to them. I have asked numerous times for them to come to church but she always has a reason not to come. I was a bit frustrated and wanting God to move and move now!

He was, just not the way I had planned. Imagine that.

We have another lady on our team that her husband is gone for a year in Iraq and my oldest son said, “Mom, why don’t you invite her to church?” I guess I hadn’t really thought about it. I was so intent on “working” on my other friend that I hadn’t seen the obvious–that others needed our God too. So, thanks to Drew’s prompting, we asked. She came and so did her three kids.

Needless to say, our pastor shared the salvation message and really hit on those who knew the Lord but had walked far away from Him. He asked for those who needed to come back to Him to come down front and pray with him. Within seconds my friend asked to go down front. I walked down with her. I was amazed at how God was working. It was not what I was thinking He was doing but He was definitely moving.

It was such a neat thing for me to realize that God is working in ways I didn’t think or expect. Yet, He is moving mightily! He is so good to me to let me see a glimpse of what He is doing, even when it isn’t what I had planned. I am still praying for my other friend and knowing God in some way is working in her heart too!


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