Home Improvement

Last night Brad decided he was going to paint the bathroom. We have wanted to paint for awhile but I just haven’t had the energy. Thankfully, Brad has endless energy and started painting. When he was almost done, he came downstairs and told me he was going to pull up the baseboards too. I was a bit frustrated because one project always leads to another. Not that he cared that I didn’t want him to pull up the baseboards to paint a room. He got busy and pulled up the baseboards. After about 5 minutes he came back downstairs to tell me that he was going to re-tile the bathroom floor. I was a bit shocked, we had talked about doing that one day but not right now. I kept asking questions . . . he finally admitted that when he pulled the baseboards off, he pulled up the linoleum and now he was just going to pull it all up. One thing always leads to another.

Isn’t that the way it is in our lives. We start out with just foregoing our quiet time, then we skip church a few times, then we forget to even talk to Jesus. One thing leads to another. We slowly walk away and then we wake up are realize that we are stagnate and stale in our relationship with the Lord. Let’s stop now, repent, and turn to Him before we wake up one morning with no floor or baseboards to speak of. The things that we lose when we forego our relationship with the Lord are costly. Turn to Him today.


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