The Bug Returns!

The stomach bug returns to The Ewing house. Drew came home from school with a fever and not feeling well. He didn’t feel good at school and called his dad to come and get him. Dad told him to “suck it up” and he stayed at school. In Brad’s defense, he did not have a fever at that point but you know how dads are. Mom probably would have gone and gotten him but that is a whole new post on the difference between how dad and mom do things differently.

So, while we were sitting at dinner, Drew jumped off the couch and started running towards the toilet. He didn’t make it. He threw up right next to the kitchen table where we were all eating. That is a great way to ruin your appetite. The stomach bug rears its ugly head again in the Ewing house.

I am so reminded of how much I just want to take care of my kids when they are sick and in need. They are so fragile and so needy – very rare with a pre-teen. But how good it feels when they want you to just take care of them. I miss that with the older one.

How much more does God want to just hold us and take care of us. Yet we think we are “grown-up” christians and don’t need His tender loving care. I am studying Hosea for retreat and one main point I keep coming to is how God wants to love us as a husband and not just as our Lord. I don’t struggle as much with the Lord aspect. I am pretty good with “yes sirs.” It is the close intimate love I struggle with. I remember distinctly one time I was asking the Lord questions – should I do this? Can I do that? Is it ok for me to do . . . .? I felt like He said in my heart, why don’t you just talk to me? Tell me how you are doing, let me love on you. Don’t just come to me for permission, talk to me, spend time just getting to know me. The Ultimate Relationship. Let’s all take the time to let Him minister to our hearts, to fill our empty places with Him, and to enjoy time in His Presence.


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