A New Heart

Jackson came out of his room last night and said, “Do I have Jesus in my heart?” He and Drew were talking about it in bed and he was worried because Drew had told him that he didn’t have Jesus in his heart.
We began by asking Him questions and trying to decide what his motivation was. We asked him “how do you get to heaven?” He told us that his teacher told him there was a bridge in space that leads us to heaven. Oh man! I am sure she was trying to teach the kids using the bridge illustration of how Jesus is the way to get to God and the cross bridges that gap but he was just a bit off. After clarifying that and explaining our sin to him and that the cross was the payment for our sins, that Jesus did His part and our part was to trust Him, Jackson simply said, “I want to trust Jesus.” Amen, sister! Wahoo!
It was funny because after he prayed, he asked, “So when we were at Great Wolf Lodge, was Jesus not in my heart?” He was really thinking, “I would have gone to hell last week! Whew that was close.” :o) He kept asking us if Jesus was in his heart when He was three? He was a bit worried about it all.
At one point Drew wanted to know the age of accountability – I told him I had no idea! We were having quite the theological discussions last night – bridge in space, age of accountability, and salvation. It was a wonderful night.
We also told Jackson that the way to know Jesus more was to read His bible. So, bright and early this morning Jackson jumped in my bed and asked me if we could read the Bible. That’s my boy!
I think back and realize that many times when the kids want to talk, I am not wanting too. Kids never fit into my schedule. A good friend of mine who has kids older than me told me that you always have to be willing to talk on their terms. She said the older they get, the later they want to talk. Take advantage of those opportunities. Be willing to talk when they are ready!


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