A Gun!

My mom doesn’t like guns. When I married Brad, the ultimate hunter, she was scared and a bit irritated that we had guns in our house. She was not impressed with his shooting abilities and didn’t want her grandkids living in a house with guns.
However, my mom and dad now live at the lake. A lake with snakes. If there is one thing she hates more than guns, it is snakes. We have discovered that the lake has snakes, what to do . . .
So, Brad and Paul went to Walmart, after much discussion on if it was possible to buy a gun on Sunday, we decided that since we were in Texas we could buy a gun anytime. So off they went to get her a gun to shoot the snakes. Now, in my mind I was picturing a small hand gun but they came home with a rifle. I am still laughing picturing my mom shooting a rifle at anything. I can’t wait to take pictures during her lesson on how to shoot a gun. Priceless.


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