We’ll Take Him Back Now!

Here we are in Mexico. I miss it already. We are having fun here. It is a different kind of fun. All the family is at the Great Wolf Lodge to celebrate my dad’s 60th birthday. He didn’t want a big party for him so he brought all of us here and it is lots of fun. When I told Drew what we were are doing for his Papa’s birthday he said, “Papa is so humble!” He is and we love him for doing stuff for us on his birthday. It was just so funny that Drew used the word humble in that context. We still laugh about what a humble guy my dad is. Anyways, It has an indoor water park and all kinds of things to do. The boys are having a blast, I can hardly keep up with them. They move at a different pace than I do!

When we were gone, my parents picked up the boys from Brad’s parents to meet us here at the hotel. My dad said they had been with the boys a little while when Jackson asked him, “Are my parents going to take us back?” Poor kid. Bless his heart! He is the sweetest thing. We haven’t been away from him that long before and I guess he thought we were just leaving him. Of course, we are taking him back. It was nice to have a break and do nothing but it is also nice to be back and enjoy my boys!


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