Welcome To The Neighborhood!

We moved into our house at the very end of last summer. There were not many opportunities to meet our neighbors because it gets cold quick here and I don’t hang outside in the cold. I rush into my house and try to hibernate for the winter. So, as it began to warm up, we started meeting our neighbors and discovered LOTS of kids around us. It is a blessing and can be a curse.
We have one sweet little boy who is a bit younger than Jackson and they have figured out how to climb the fence to each other’s house. In the beginning, I thought this was great. They could play all day and I don’t have to continuously run around from house to house. However, a couple of mornings Jackson thought he would join our neighbors for breakfast, an early breakfast. He just woke up and went outside and climbed over to our neighbors and knocked on their back door to play. He was in big trouble.
Both kids now think they can just come and go whenever they please. Yesterday, Brad and I had a couple of hours with a quiet house (no kids!) only to discover our neighbor kid in our pantry! He was hungry and wanted some food. I tried to tell him that Jackson wasn’t home and he needed to go back to his house. He wasn’t convinced.
Jesus says to have faith like a child. Kids just do things differently. They haven’t figured out yet what all “rules” of social etiquette are. They just come on in, open the pantry and ask for food. We could learn from them in our relationship with the Lord. They are so open and honest and believe that what needs they have, someone will take care of them. Let’s be like our neighborhood kids, that we may “come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.”


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