Text Me Or Test Me?

I was reading my daily Bible reading this morning and I was a bit tired while reading and I happened to look forward to the next Psalms and read Psalm 26:2 and I could have sworn that it said, “text me, O Lord.” I must admit, for a brief second I got very excited. I really thought that God was going to text me. I know that He COULD if He wanted, but He just doesn’t speak that way anymore. Unfortunately for me, the verse says, “Test me, O Lord, and try me, examine my heart and my mind.” 

I realized this morning that I really didn’t want God to test me, I just wanted Him to text me. I must admit, if I got a text from God saying, “I have loved you with an everlasting love.” How seriously would I take that. Yet, in front of me, is a book full of His words to me that I don’t take seriously enough to even read the words right. 
Do I really understand what sits in my lap each morning? Do I really grasp that it is so much more than a text message, but the living, active Word of GOD. NO, or my life would look so different. My morning Bible readings would look very different. Everything about me would be different. 
Tomorrow as I read, I am asking God to allow me to see His word for what it really is. HIS WORD TO ME. His message to me. I hope you will too. 

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