Overachieving Parents!

This picture is the definition of an overachieving parent. These cars were for a movie night last year for Awana. My friend called me yesterday and was telling me the long list of things she had to accomplish this week. One item on her list was to make cars for movie night for Awana. I was thinking that shouldn’t be too hard, just get a cardboard box and draw some wheels. Then she preceded to tell me that her cars last year were “speciality cars.” How can one just send their kids in a cardboard box this year when last year they had these cars pictured above. I told her that she had  broken the number one parenting rule. Never start big. Start slow and small and work your way up each year. Then your kids don’t suffer disappointment and you don’t feel the pressure of having to outdo yourself each year. By the way, these are the best cars I have ever seen, how would one even begin to top that? I have no idea. I can’t wait to see their pictures from this year. I will keep you updated. 

We do this don’t we? In our spiritual life we get excited and become spiritual overachievers only to soon burn out. We work and work and strive and strive and never really grasp the fact that spiritual maturity takes time and the Spirit working through us. Yes, it is work but His work. We labor and toil but don’t stop and worship the King. Working is easy for me, I am what you would call a spiritual overachiever. I have learned my lesson (have to relearn sometimes). I need to let God’s work sink in and change me and not just know bunches of facts and information but to KNOW OUR GOD. We have got to know Him. To know someone intimately takes time, undivided attention, and history. You build on your history together step by step. It is a marathon, not a race. 
Take time today to build your relationship with Him, to KNOW Him. Let’s not be  spiritual overachievers who burn out quickly, let’s be one’s who endure over time and build our relationship with him. Step by step, verse by verse, prayer time by prayer time, trial upon trial, joy upon joy, day by day spend time with our Most High God. 

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