Come To Me All Who Are Weary

I just woke up from a glorious nap. I have finally arrived to a great stage in parenting. The stage that I can tell my kids that I am going to take a nap and no one is to disturb me unless they are hurt or bleeding. It was wonderful. I was only woken up once by my youngest to help him in the bathroom but miraculously, I feel back asleep. I am not one who usually naps in the afternoon because it is hard for me to get to sleep at night normally, much less with a nap in the afternoon. 

But today, I took a good hour and a half nap. Oh, glorious day! Our oldest had a football game and had to be there at 8:15 am. On a SATURDAY! Needless to say, after a very long week and early football game. I was weary and tired and just a bit grumpy. I knew we had church tonight and needed to be refreshed. I had my nap and woke up ready to head to church. However, once we got ready Drew said he was not feeling good and I took his temperature and of course, he had a fever. No church for me tonight. I was so looking forward to a night of spiritual renewal. 
Guess I will be have my own spiritual renewal here. Drew and I are eating popcorn and watching “Facing the Giants” which is sure to inspire us live differently. I keep thinking of the verses that Jesus says, “Come to me all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.” 
I know that Jesus plan and promise is that when we come to him, he will give us rest. We must come to him for the rest. We are to take his yoke and I am thinking that means that we are to do what only He wants us to do. I think we are so weary is because first, we aren’t coming to Him and second, we are adding things to our days and schedules that He never asked us too. 
I am starting this week to begin my day saying, “Lord, you order my steps today. I only want to do what you would have me to do, nothing more and nothing less.”  
This afternoon, I thank him for a good nap and a night of rest to hang out with my boys and watch movies and popcorn by the fire. 

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