Tiny Tidbits

The stove that I almost blew up the other day, well, it is a precious stove. Why, because not too long ago a member of my family, I won’t mention who, the other adult in the house got frustrated and slammed his hand on the top of the stove. He shattered it in a million pieces. We had to pay $300 for a new glass top. Yes, a precious stove. I finally cleaned it yesterday and the house once again smelled like smoke. God is continually reminding me how yucky smoke smells.

I found the jeans at Costco I have been wanting for months for HALF – PRICE! He is good to provide the needs and every now and then those extra special wants. YEAH GOD!

I have realized that I am totally treating our youngest like a true baby of the family. A few mornings ago, I was making breakfast and my youngest kept changing his mind about what he wanted for breakfast (something I never would have let our oldest do). Our motto was “you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.” But you know how it is with the younger ones – you get lazy and they get away with so much more. So Drew (the oldest) looks at Jackson and says, “You are a spoiled brat.” Now, we are not allowed to call each other names in our house, but that said a lot. I need to make sure I am not raising a brat. On my knees I go, I don’t want to grow weary in doing good. I want to be faithful and consistent with the baby of the family. He will thank me for it one day and so will his wife!

Our Mom’s group was on discipline today. OUCH. It was so good. I needed it. I know what to do – just need to do it. Isn’t that how it is. We know what God wants us to do, just need to do it. Don’t be just hearers of the word, but doers.

I finally beat Melanie in Nertz last night. It was beautiful!

I leave tomorrow for my trip to see my sisters. I can’t wait to sit on the plane and read a book and not talk to anyone or worry if my kids are kicking the seat of those in front of them. I bought a new book just for the trip. A fiction that I hope will bring some mind-numbing relief after a full week.

Drew got selected by his teacher to go to a leadership enrichment class. I was very proud!

I think I am addicted to sugar! I love it!




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