The Pressure is On

Brad keeps reminding me that is has been a couple of days since I have posted. He points to it and says, “this is old news, it is time to update.” I just don’t know what I want to say. I have been busy with sick kids and studying to teach Hannah at bible study next week that I just didn’t know what to talk about. And I am feeling the pressure.

I could tell you that I played Nertz (my favorite game in the whole world) and lost today. I wasn’t very happy about it. I lost by one point. And the lady, I won’t mention any names (Cherie) that beat me only beat me because she cheated. Yep, that is right. She cheated and all my friends let her cheat. She had one card that she had taken off her Nertz pile and hadn’t set it down anywhere when “Nertz” was called, so she got credit for it. I think I should have won, that is no way to win a game. Or at least had a tie. So now, I am drowning my sorrows with sweet tea and sour patch kids.

Or, I could tell you that all my kids have done since they have gotten home from school is fight with each other. So, I sent them upstairs to play. Now, they are having a water fight in the bathroom and I don’t even want to go up there to see that mess. But for the moment, I don’t have to listen to them fuss at each other, so what is a little water.

Or, I could tell you that Brad came home early from staff retreat and I didn’t have anything planned for dinner so he had to go get take out. (My personal favorite kind of food – the kind I don’t make). Cause when Brad is gone, we just eat pizza and cereal and Brad doesn’t think that is an acceptable dinner.

So, I will just tell you that my life is just run of the mill right now. There has been no words of wisdom or divine inspiration. Just the mundane of life. I am not complaining. It is nice on occasion to not make dinner or have to clean up throw up. A break is good for all of us. I can relax, take a bubble bath.

Maybe this is why Paul urges us in 1 Thessalonians 4:11 to make it our ambition to lead a quiet (or simple) life and at attend to your own business. That attending to your own business might just be a blog for tomorrow. I could go on and on about that. How ruffled we get over things that don’t pertain to us. But, that is for another day. It is the simple and quiet life I am enjoying tonight. When the most I need to worry about is, how much water is on the floor from the water fight and hopefully, it isn’t enough to cause any damage.

Let’s all make it our ambition to lead a quiet life. It sure does make life easier. Jesus knew what He was talking about when He said His yoke is easy and His burden is light. He wants us to live a simple life because He knows that is what is best for us. His way is easy and His burden is light.

Bath Time!


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