Show Me Your Glory

I am still in Exodus in my Bible reading and after chapters of rules and measurements for the temple and me thinking, “Lord, what are you trying to show me here?” I got to chapter 33 and can’t contain my excitement at all that is in there.

First, Moses is talking to the Lord and saying “you have given me these people to lead and I am not sure who is going to help me?” He knows that he has found favor with the Lord to be called to lead His people but not sure what to do from there. I feel like this sometimes. I have been given this family, this group, whatever it is the Lord has called us to lead and then I think – “I can ‘t do this? Why have you called me? I need to do what Moses did. He asked the Lord how. Moses says, “If you are pleased with me, TEACH ME YOUR WAYS so that I may know you and continue to find favor with you.” God wants us to teach us and show us how to lead those we have been put in charge of.

I think, what if it is an 11 and 4 year old boy? The Lord answers and says, “My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.” God’s presence is what brings us rest. His presence going with us is what will lead and teach us how to lead and teach the people around us. Are you frustrated and feel inadquate in where God has called you to lead? Moses often was – he once tried to talk God out of using him. He told God he was slow of speech and tongue. God replied, “I will help you speak and tell you what to day.” When God calls us to something or someone (even 4 and 11 year old boys) He will teach us how to do it. We only need to ask.

Moses then replies to the Lord, “If your Presence does not go with us, do not send us up from here.” Wow, are we like this? Do we only want to go where the Lord leads? Or, are we too attached to things of this world to go where God leads? Beth Moore said on Life Today this week, “Whatever carnal thing we are hanging onto is not worth what we are giving up.” Do we believe this? Do we believe that His Presence leading us is enough? Will we change directions if we know “His Presence” is not leading?

Moses goes on to ask, if you Presence is not with us, how will anyone know that we are your people? What will distinguish us from the other people? I am paraphasing here, but you get the point. Moses knows what distinguishes us from the other people of this world, it is His Presence. Are our lives distinguished by His Presence? Do others see the difference in us?

Moses ends the chapter with asking God to “show me Your glory.” And God does! God hides him in the cleft of a rock so he can get a glimse of God’s glory.

Moses gets it – Moses knows he can’t lead anyone without God teaching him how, he knows not to move an inch without God’s Presence. Moses knows that without Him we are nothing. Moses knows that He is what distinguishes us from the others. He knows that God’s glory here on Earth is what this life is about.

Oh Lord, Show us Your Glory!


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