The Going and The Staying

I just dropped the hubby off at church to head to the airport for a mission trip. He and a group from our church are heading to Peru. Peru is one of his favorite places to go. He always comes back so full of His Spirit and wanting to live life just the way God wants us to. I am always so jealous. I was jealous again today to send him off. So glad that he gets to go and that he gets to see and give gifts to our compassion kid. But I am still down right jealous.
After dropping him off, well, dropping him off for the SECOND time because he forgot his passport and we had to go back home and get it. 🙂 Anyways, I picked our oldest up from school and headed to Walmart for snacks and movies. As I curled up in my big brown chair, I just felt sad. Hard to be one who stays home while the hubby is out ministering. Then God so gently reminded me about 1 Samuel 30 which I have been studying in the bible study 5 Aspects of Woman. What is in 1 Samuel 30? Since you asked, I will tell you. David’s camp has been stolen, 400 men go to get back their stuff, 200 men stay back to with the stuff. Then a fight occurs between the men who went to retrive their stuff and the men who stayed behind. Verse 24 says “They shall share and share alike. The ones who stay with the baggage, the ones that go out.” (This also happens in Joshua 22:8 if you are interested)
God just brought this to mind as I lay here watching “Transformers” with the boys, I stay back so he can go. God blesses my staying as much as his going. Thank you Jesus. Now, can He please not count all the calories of junk food I will consume getting through a week without my husband??


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