For our twentieth wedding anniversary Brad and I spent two weeks in Hilton Head. Beach tradition is that you rent bikes and ride everywhere you go. Often you find yourself one on one with a car. Having not ridden a bike for a good ten years, I hurried across the street and tried to make…Read more »

Dangerous Concert of Grief

Sometimes grief is loud and obnoxious like a toddler with a new toy that makes noise. And yet sometimes grief builds up slowly and often it is with just a silent note.  There are careless conversations… A diagnosis is looming…  Friendships are fading….  Jealousy is budding…  It feels like children are scheming…  Pride prevails…  Sin is…Read more »

Tuesday Teen Challenge

Last week we challenged marriage – this week TEENS *Teach them something – how to cook a meal, RINSE A SINK (this is my goal to teach the boys how to rinse out a sink every time they use it – it only takes a second but makes a huge difference – can I get…Read more »

I Couldn’t Hide

That knot in my stomach, the tears crouching behind my eyes, and the smile plastered on my face – how many Sunday mornings have I lived like this? I just stuffed and smiled. This was my mantra and I couldn’t run away. I wanted to go to a place that I could be alone. To…Read more »

Maturing Grief

Our son Drew who is 21, was five when Jake died. His grief/play counselor told me that at every stage of life he would grieve Jake’s death again. As he grew and matured, he would grieve Jake’s death in a different way. She said that each stage of life his griefwould magnify as his understanding…Read more »